THiNK rc

THiNK rc is the brainchild of Ed Clark, with the intention to bring custom upgrade components to racers worldwide. Using over 20years of experience in the hobby, all products have been thoroughly researched, tested and developed before being offered to fellow racers.

Our initial product offerings are two conversion kits for the Mugen Seiki MTC1 touring car kit. Both kits bring the car up to THiNK rc MTC1.e specification, helping to unlock more potential of this great chassis.

TH501 – MTC1.e 38T Pulley Conversion kit 

This kit changes the standard cars 34T diff pulleys to 38T. This changes the internal ratio to 1.9, and also improves the drivetrain efficiency of the car, reducing belt drag, and giving better acceleration and top speed. This is especially helpful in high wind stock classes. The kit includes pulleys, belts, shock towers

Manual here : TH-501 – MTC1.e 38T Pulley Conversion Kit

TH502 – MTC1.e Chassis Conversion kit

The revised shaping of the included chassis plate and top deck work together to improve the flex characteristics of the car. This results in a better balance, improved grip and more consistent laptimes.

Manual here: TH-502 – MTC1.e Chassis Conversion Kit Manual

How to purchase?

Currently we are working on a dedicated online shop front. However, for those not keen to wait, please contact us at for pricing and ordering info.