Racing ramblings for March

It’s been a while, and a few race days since I’ve posted any updates. The main reason is there hasn’t been a lot of changes! I’ve concentrated recently on comparison testing of some different settings, mainly as what I’m running on my car is a little different to what most of the team drivers are

Mi5 Double O-Ring Shock build

Time for one of the first in some build tips for the Mi5 – Double O-ring shocks. Now, whilst the standard kit build is pretty good anyway, I’m a big fan of using two o-rings in the bottom of the shocks. The reason is two fold. Firstly, there is a better seal, simply because you

Mi5 Hub hinge-pin mod

As mentioned over on Martin Hofer’s blog, you can mod the outer hinge pins to a set screw retaining method, to help to remove some free play on the suspension. I’m also not a massive fan of e-clips.. they tend to go flying! So this mod is a bit of a win-win, and it’s not

SP-1 Steering setup

So over the past couple of months, I’ve been racing a SpeedPassion SP-1 in the F1 classes here. Now it’s taken a little while for me to get my head round it, as it’s my first link style F1 car, having previously I raced a 104 X1 and WGP. Have to say, from the start,

Hobbywing V10 Motor

I recently received an updated version of the Hobbywing V10 motor to run, so I thought I would do a bit of a review to show the features. (Note; Excuse the dirt… I was too keen to run the motor before doing this review ) Build and Construction Given I predominately race modified, I was

A lighter Mi5

Ok… so how did I do this? Actually, it’s taken a few optionals, but not too hard. First, some background… Now, it has to be said, that one of the things Schumachers have been a little guilty of over the years is being a little, well, umm, portly.. I got to experience this first hand

New Ride F1 Tyres

Posted over on RedRC are some pictures of the new Ride F1 tyres, being shown at ETS round 2. Been informed that they are all new moulds, and look to be similar in style to the Shimizu’s. Also looks like the wheels have a bigger inside diameter to help with getting lower front ride-heights. Overall

Stock Racing on a Saturday..

So tonight it was a pretty relaxed racing, heading down to the local (by which I mean it’s within 20mins drive!) club at Highfields. Compared to the usual tracks I race on, the Toowoomba club is a little different. First up, it’s 17.5 Blinky only, so the mod motor had to come out. Secondly, it’s

Hello world!

And here it is! the first blog post for… look out for a few more updates over the next few weeks. until which time this place might be a little bare…gotta start somewhere though!