New Power..

Well, time for more change… After many many years of running Hobbywing products, I’ve decided time to change it up, and try something different. I personally have no issue with the HW products, and have never lacked for power, just felt the best way to improve was to try something different. So the past few weeks I’ve bolted in an LRP Flow Works team, and an LRP X20 4.5t.

Having seen the performance of that combo at recent events, it was top of my list to try out. I started out by also grabbing the V2 USB bridge to allow for updating of the speedo firmware. And that did bring up one of the first issues, in that the update software doesn’t seem to work with Windows 8… opps! Thankfully I have a Win 7 netbook that was a bit more convenient than the big laptop at the track, but still..

Now, on track first impressions have been really good. The feel, both on the throttle and brakes, has been very impressive. Smooth, but powerful too. With the 4.7 mod firmware, I’ve basically down-powered the settings for the local small tracks. The default settings… far far far too much grunt!

I’ve settled on the following settings for now;


Which is basically the default settings, but with no Torque timing, 3° of boost (more than anything just so I can use turbo), and 6° of Turbo. Still great throttle feel, but also very smooth, and with the instant turbo there is still a lot of good power for the short straights.

One other small issue is that I’m yet to memorise the flashing light sequence… although that will come with time, and in the mean time there is an iPhone with the instructions! 😉

Looking forward to learning more on the combo, as well as taking it to the bigger tracks..