Mi5 evo update

So, I’ve got my third meeting under my belt with the evo now, and it short… it rocks!

First time out was at the Logan club, where I’ve been racing for the past few months. Unfortunately, being winter out here at the moment, it’s also a bit chilly… and that had a pretty detrimental effect on the track conditions, everyone struggling to generate decent grip. Still, for it’s debut run, the car performed pretty flawlessly, with very few niggles, and managed to get in some decent setup work, albeit more for comparing what does what than any outright pace settings. Initial impression showed that all the changes to the car have certainly helped stiffen it up, and also gain a lot more steering, without sacrificing stability. Start out with a base setup derived from the manual and what I know worked on the old car… and by the end of the night was pretty happy. Somehow even managed to come away with a TQ and win for the evening, although in the grand scheme of things, didn’t mean very much! Positive debut nonetheless!

Setup – Mi5evo – EC – Logan 28June14

Second time out was at Bayside, a month later… the Logan 6hr enduro taking precedent before hand. This outing was a bit less successful. Again, cold temperatures were hurting, but I also seemed to struggle with the car becoming very inconsistent over a run. Tried numerous things during the night, but couldn’t solve the issue, and was left a little perplexed…. Until I started stripping the car down the next day to find one of the motor mount screws hanging loose, and for some reason the left front arm binding up (traced to the roll bar drop link hitting the arm, and limiting uptravel). One day I’ll learn to look under the car when something isn’t right… doh!.

Setup – EC – Bayside – 19July14

A full rebuild later (and thread lock added!) and back to Logan this evening. Rain was forecast for the night, so the plan was to get down early and get as much practise in as possible in case it hit. The track itself had been given a good clean during the week, and prepped well, which coupled with improving temperatures gave decent (if not mega) grip levels. Started out with a combination of the previous two meetings settings, and set to work… Ran through a good few changes, including rear shock positions (hole 4 seems best), droop (5.5F/4.5R work best) and wishbone straps on and off (on for improved reaction and smoother feel), and ended up very very happy with the car. Steering was great, corner speed really good, and also very stable. One thing very noticeable was that the car seemed to pivot about the rear axle, and was driving very different to the old car (in a good way)… was so nice to drive I didn’t want to pull it off track a few times!

Setup – EC – LoganShort – 26July14

Getting to the track early turned out to be a good call as just before racing was due to start we got a full on deluge, and soaked the track. Still even having a speedy stop due to getting a bit damp whilst have some fun on wet tyres couldn’t dampen my smile… really happy with the evo now, and keen to get back to Bayside without the problems.

Still a few items on the list to test out again, including 2.5mm top-decks, and play around with the ackerman, need a clean meeting and then we’ll be set. Role on the QLD states in a couple of months 😀